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Keoghs is Australia's trusted name in commodity handling equipment. For more than 50 years we have developed and manufactured grain handling products to meet the needs of rural and commercial producers.  Keoghs vast range of quality augers have been designed around the same basic principles for decades and therefore have been a major bread and butter product for our company. All of our augers utilize standard commercially available items allowing for quick and easy replacement when breakdowns eventually occur. With Keoghs renowned extra heavy construction of all of our augers you can rely on many years of trouble free use. They come fully guarded and will handle all types of products from grains to sawdust and even very abrasive items such as rock. When transferring abrasive materials there are a couple of further options that should be considered, the whole unit can be hot dip galvanized to stop corrosion or if a food grade finish is required we can complete the whole unit out of stainless steel. We can design and manufacture static stands to hold your auger in place or we will provide your auger with an undercarriage which will allow you to move it where you like.

Keogh Pencil Augers
Keoghs pencil augers are the true multipurpose auger they can be used for short term transfer applications such as from silo's to feed carts, or for long term use in a fixed installation. Pencil augers are available in diameters ranging from our 100 mm (4") units up to our 150 mm (10") units and can be supplied with fixed stands, an adjustable mobile undercarriage or just a bare auger with no stands at all. An array of drive types which include mains electric, 12 or 24 VDC in belt and pulley or geared drive and petrol drives are available to power our pencil augers, combine that with a vast range of accessories to compliment our pencil auger range including items such as hoppers, bagging chutes, inlet chutes, winches etc. and Keoghs can supply you with the pencil auger you require!
Keogh Pencil Auger Models Available!
Typical Diameters and Lengths Requires A Join Mains Electric HP Required Belt & Pulley Set Required
100 mm models (4")      
Up to 3 meters (10') No 1 HP 1B
To 4.57 meters (15') No 1 HP 1B
To 6.1 meters (20') No 1.5 HP 1B
To 7.6 meters (25') Yes 2 HP 1B
To 9.14 meters (30') Yes 3 HP 2B
125 mm models (5")      
Up to 3 meters (10') No 1.5 HP 1B
To 4.57 meters (15') No 1.5 HP 1B
To 6.1 meters (20') No 2 HP 1B
To 7.6 meters (25') Yes 3 HP 2B
To 9.14 meters (30') Yes 3 HP 2B
150 mm models (6")      
Up to 3 meters (10') No 1.5 HP 1B
To 4.57 meters (15') No 2 HP 2B
To 6.1 meters (20') No 3 HP 2B
To 7.6 meters (25') Yes 3 HP 2B
To 9.14 meters (30') Yes 4 HP 2B
Other sizes upon request      
Keogh Pencil Auger Specifications:-
  • Supplied ready to use, with no assembly or extra parts to buy and no hidden extras,
  • Supplied fully guarded,
  • Units are available in bare format with belts/pulleys set (made to suit a motor but supplied without the motor),
  • Units can be supplied in hot dip galvanized finish if required (ideal for super phosphate use and use near coastal areas),
  • Standard 1.6 mm barrel (100 & 125 mm units) and 2 mm (150 mm units) with 3.5 mm flite for all,
  • All augers can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Keogh Portable Augers
Keoghs Portable Augers are also referred to as mobile augers this is because all of these units come fitted to an adjustable undercarriage with your choice of either Holden or Landcruiser wheels. They can move grain, ice, rock, super phosphate, minerals, sawdust and just about any other commodity you can think of. Our portable augers range in length from 9.14 (30') meters all the way up to 16.76 (55') meters and are available in 175 mm (7"), 225 mm (9") and 250 mm (10") diameters. A variety of drive options are available which include petrol, diesel, electric, PTO (including PTO shaft and clutch) and hydraulic, we can even supply engine/hydraulic hybrid units when requested.  As standard our portable augers come complete with a plastic Hopper and installed to raise and lower the unit is a safety brake hand winch which can be upgraded to an electric unit if desired. Many additional options are available to be fitted to your portable auger with the most popular being the backsaver kit, the backsaver kit installs a height adjustable 3rd wheel onto your auger undercarriage to allow for easy movement of the auger without the requirement to manually lift the end of the auger.
Keogh Portable Auger Models Available!
Length Petrol HP reqd. for 175 mm (7") Petrol HP reqd. for 225 mm (9") Petrol HP reqd. for 250 mm (10") Length A, B & C (see image below)
9.14 Meters (30') 12 HP 15 HP 20 HP 5.74 M (19'), 3.0 M (10'), 2.9 M (9')
10.67 Meters (35') 12 HP 15 HP 20 HP 6.68 M (22'), 3.65 M (12'), 2.9 M (9')
12.19 Meters (40') 15 HP 20 HP 22 HP 7.53 M (24'), 4.23 M (14'), 2.9 M (9')
13.7 Meters (45') 20 HP 20 HP 27 HP 8.57 M (28'), 5.16 M (17'), 2.9 M (9')
15.24 Meters (50') 20 HP 22 HP NA 9.51 M (31'), 5.43 M (18'), 2.9 M (9')
16.76 Meters (55') NA 25 HP NA 10.55 M (34'), 5.96 M (19'), 2.9 M (9')
  1. Reach and height subject to drive type chosen and other optional extra's. Specifications subject to change without notice. 
KeoghPortable Auger Specifications:-
  • Designed to process all grain types including peas, lupins and corn,
  • Standard 2 mm barrel and 3.5 mm flite,
  • Suits all petrol engines including Kohler and Honda,
  • Heavy 5 mm flite on pickup,
  • Handles all grain types including Lupins,
  • Flite and barrel can be heavier if required.

Keogh Swing Away Augers

Keoghs range of swing away augers are a must have for serious grain movement, the large capacity augers matched with a low profile hopper make sure the product gets in and out quick.  Designed from the ground up the swing away auger system is easily used, designed with servicing in mind and made in the 'expected' extra heavy fashion Keoghs is renowned for. The self leveling hopper and incline auger mount to the main auger for transport and with the use of the swing away's incorporated winch system are easily positioned on the ground for receiving grain. The main Auger is PTO driven and through the use of a series of heavy duty gear boxes also powers the hopper and incline auger. The lift of the unit is achieved via double hydraulic lifting arms controlled by your tractors hydraulics and all units benefit from the unique 'Lift assist Swing Arm' for easy raising of the auger at low angles.

Keogh Swing Away Auger Models Available!

Lengths Diameters
15.24 Meters (50') 250 mm (10")
16.76 Meters (55') 250 mm (10")
18.28 Meters (60') 250 mm (10") & 300 mm (12")
19.81 Meters (65') 250 mm (10") & 300 mm (12")
21.33 Meters (70') 250 mm (10") & 300 mm (12")
22.86 Meters (75') 300 mm (12")
24.38 Meters (80') 300 mm (12")
25.91 Meters (85') 300 mm (12")
27.43 Meters (90') 300 mm (12")

Keogh Swing Away Auger Specifications:-

  • Designed to process all grain types including peas, lupins and corn,
  • Large RHS sections for the undercarriage assembly,
  • Minimum of 16" Bedford truck wheels,
  • All units include a 540 RPM PTO shaft with clutch as standard,
  • Unique 'Lift Assist Swing Arm' for easy auger raising,
  • Standard 1.5 metre (5') hopper with an optional 3 meter  (10') unit available,
  • Self levelling hopper,
  • Heavy duty gearboxes,
  • PTO Drive with 540 RPM PTO shaft supplied as standard,
  • Double Hydraulic lifting rams on most models.

Keogh Grunters
If you are serious about moving grain then the Keogh range of Grunter Augers are your answer. Incorporating the latest design concepts, engineering abilities and power plants these units supply fast, reliable and cost effective commodity handling for large farm storages and commercial applications alike. A powerful diesel engine and a professionally engineered hydraulics system  ensures these units deliver on fast and effective grain conveying. Typically these units achieve a massive 250+ TPH (dependant on many grain characteristics and on unit size and application) and operate for long periods without stopping. This is achieved by the thermal capacity of the hydraulic oil tank and the optional large volume oil cooler that is 
typically fitted to these units. Controls include extra slow to fast wheel drive, main unit lift, back lift and steering. Some units can also have a rotating and adjustable spout that is used for making bunkers and for filling sheds.
Keogh Grunter Models Available!
Diameters Lengths Minimum Capacity
250 mm (10") 16.75 Meters (55') to 21.3 Meters (70') 100 TPH
300 mm (12") 16.75 Meters (55') to 27.4 Meters (90') 110 TPH
350 mm (14") 16.75 Meters (55') to 27.4 Meters (90') 120 TPH


  1. Specifications and range subject to change without notice,
  2. Other models and options available upon request.
Keogh Grunter Specifications:-
  • Built heavier than all imported models with renowned Keogh extra heavy construction,
  • Handles all grain types,
  • Large range of lengths and diameters,
  • Over-sized shafts, bearings and drive systems,
  • Complete, simple, fast and reliable control over the entire unit,
  • Micro slow drive to the wheel drive system,
  • Large volume oil tank complete with suction filter and return line filter,
  • High thermal capacity oil cooler (optional on some models),
  • Cummins engines on all models,
  • Professionally designed hydraulic system with load sensing pumps (on most models),
  • Large diameter wheels, often with duals located on the main wheel drive axle,
  • Independent hydraulic systems for the main unit drive and the other equipment,
  • Reclaim sweep and swing away hopper options available,
  • Rotating and adjustable spouts and 2 way outlet diverter options available.

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