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With plate processing capabilities from the thinnest of sheet metals up to the thickest of plates Keoghs has all of your plate processing needs covered. Whether it be a folded interlocking tabbed guard for one of our in house machines or a rolled structural cone section for a 2,000 Tonne bin Keoghs can complete the job to standard, on budget and on time. For information on Keoghs precision plasma cutting and machining capabilities click here

Hydraulic Plate Rollers
Keoghs can roll sheets and plates up to 3000 mm wide and 6 mm thick using the newly acquired HACO hydraulic plate roller, whilst also having the capability of rolling thicker materials in narrower widths (e.g. 1000 mm wide x 10 mm thick). Our experienced staff utilize the machine’s CNC control and have extensive knowledge in rolling cones and troughs.
Plate Roller
Plate Roller

Hydraulic Brake Press
The acquisition of a 220 Tonne HACO CNC controlled Brake Press with a 4000 mm bed allows Keoghs to produce precise and repeatable parts. Combine this with the latest 3D CAD programs in the drafting office and precise sheet metal components up to 6 mm thick can be formed, with minimal need for trial and error.
Brake Press

Hydraulic Pan Brake
Hydraulic pan Brakes are designed to fold sheet metal boxes and pans utilizing different finger widths with the assistance of hydraulics. Our main METALMASTER pan brake is capable of folding 3050 mm long sheets up to 3.2 mm thick.
Pan Brake

We also have the following additional equipment at our disposal to complete sheet metal work:
  • Guillotines : Up To 4000 mm long x 10 mm Thick Capacity
  • Automatic Band Saw and Hacksaws : Up To Ø350 mm
  • Vertical Press : 60 T
  • Hydraulic Horizontal Bender : 20 T
  • Belt Sanders
  • Radial Arm Drill
  • Drill Presses
  • Vast range of measuring equipment and gauges
  • Tube (Barrel) Roller

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