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CNC turning is used to provide a cost effective and accurate way to machine parts. Keoghs have 2 high performance mill/drill turning centres at our disposal the smaller Doosan Puma 240m can be used to machine 350 diameter billets up to 562 mm long with the larger Doosan Puma 480 LM capable of machining large billets up to 650 mm in diameter and up to 2,000 mm long. A clear advantage of machining a component with a CNC lathe is that the program file is saved to the machine, which means the programming time and associated costs for the initial setup will not be needed for subsequent items or upon large production runs this time will be absorbed within the batch.
Keoghs CNC lathe department have the capacity to handle small intricate parts all the way up to large industrial components, with the capacity to produce one off's or batches of tens of thousands. Give Keoghs a ring or come in and see how we can mass produce your component to industry standards today. 
Doosan Puma 480 LM CNC Lathe Key Features:
  • 650 mm Turning Diameter
  • 2,000 mm Turning Length
  • 1,400 RPM Spindle Speed
  • Live Tool Milling Turret
  • 12 Station High Speed Auto Tool Changer - 0.25 seconds T-T
  • 165.5 mm Barfeed Capacity
  • 18 m/min Z-Axis Rapid Travel
  • 16 m/min X-Axis Rapid Travel
  • 10.4" LCD Display
Doosan Puma 240M CNC Lathe Key Features:
  • 350 mm Turning Diameter
  • 562 mm Turning Length
  • 4,500 RPM Spindle Speed
  • Swing clearance 550 mm
  • Spindle Drilling: 66 mm
  • 12 Tool Stations
  • 30 m/min Z-Axis Rapid Travel
  • 24 m/min X-Axis Rapid Travel 

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