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A key feature in trying to get a new project passed though either upper management tiers or financial institutes is being able to sell your ideas, this is no different to trying to sell your final product. When you walk into your local department store you are surrounded by shiny new brightly coloured items. Whether you like it or not you are initially attracted and drawn in to these items, and before you know it without even seeing the features they offer or the selling price you have made the decision you need it.

We have experienced designers who can turn your ideas and dreams into presentation quality images that in turn can be used to sell these ideas. To complete this process a 3D model must be created, with the simple equation that the work that is put into designing the model is equal to the  detail visible in the final presentation images. Once the model has been created it is imported into the latest version of Showcase, then with literally infinite camera angles, sections and lighting styles of your items our designers can create a presentation to help emphasize the selling points of your design.

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